#1 Wash Your Hands Before Training

Washing your hands before putting on your boxing gloves will help to reduce any bad smells for longer.

#2 Use Hand Wraps Under Your Gloves

Not only do hand wraps help to protect your hands while training, but they also help to absorb and wick away your sweat.

#3 Undo Your Gloves Before Removing

When you’re done training, it’s always best to completely loosen your gloves by unlacing them or undoing the velcro cuff before gently pulling your hand out.This is a bad idea because you’re damaging the internal fabric of your boxing gloves, and can even tear them.

#4 Wipe Your Gloves Down

When you’re done training, it’s a good idea to wipe the outside of your gloves down with damp cloth before drying the surface with your gym towel.Especially if you’re sparring.Removing any blood, sweat, boogers (and tears) is important.

LFG leather gloves require additional conditioning from time to time.

#5 Let Your Gloves Dry

Never leave your sweaty boxing gloves in your equipment bag if they’re still wet; take them out as soon as possible.