Lets face when you get hit with a new pair of gloves it sucks , they are hard and not much fun ….unless your wearing them. so here’s a quick guide to give your training partner when they get a new pair of LFG gloves.


  1. Gently move and squeeze the glove

Put one glove on, make a fist and extend your fingers a few times, use the other hand to squeeze the padding round your fist, against your knuckles. This will start easing out the stiffness of the gloves

     2.   Hit the pads (lightly!)

Go at 50%, let the leather and padding move and adjust within the glove. It may take a few sessions before you can up the power but protecting your hands is worth the wait.

     3.   Hit a punch bag (lightly!)

Using lighter punch bags for a few rounds is a great way to break in gloves. Doing arounds 10 rounds lightly before increasing the power.

Again wait until your gloves are well fitted to your hand before unleashing your full power.